TE 20 Condensation In Hydraulic Oil

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Just a couple of photos from the first day of filming we did for the Ferguson TE 20 Hydraulics DVD.  In this shot the lighting and camera were focused on the work bench as we dismantled the pump.

Now take a look at the colour of the transmission oil that came out.

The oil clearly hadn’t been […]

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Massey Ferguson 202, Hydraulics No Pressure

Rich from New York has sent in a question about his MF202. The hydraulic pump isn’t outputting any pressure. Rich has just bought the Hydraulics DVD and while it is in transit accross to The States he’s asked this question…
I have an MF 202 and Hydraulics do not work.

If I remove the standpipe […]

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MF35 Stand Pipe Backup Washer

Per owns a red and grey FE35 and uses it around his holding in Canada, you can see some good information on his website.  Per has been watching our Hydraulics DVD and asks this question…
Hi Steve & Ian,
Looking at your hydraulics DVD I notice that, when installing the transfer pipe, Ian puts a strange […]

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MF35 Slow Hydraulic Lift

Stuart is having trouble with the hydraulics on his tractor. Here is what he has to say…
I have a MF35 tractor. The hydraulic lift pump seems to be operating slow when using the hydraulics to lift the ram on my tilt trailer. I have been advised to check the strainer. I was given a photo […]

Lift Arms Drop When Clutch Is Depressed, Massey Ferguson 35

We have a customer who has a problem with the hydraulics on his Massey Ferguson 35 tractor.   Joe has sent in a picture of his tractor, which looks absolutely superb.

The lift arms are dropping whenever he depresses the clutch pedal, here is what he says…
I enjoyed the MF 35 Hydraulics DVD. It is professionaly done […]

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Replacing Hydraulic Pump On Massey Ferguson 50

Last week we sent out a Massey Ferguson 35 Hydraulics DVD to Mr Alan Clark from Ontario Canada.  He has made his own bracket to help flip over the hydraulic top cover, and has made such a good job of it Vintage Tractor Engineer thought it was worth showing the pictures here on the website.

After watching […]

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TEF20 Hydraulics Oscillating Drive Strip

Having problems with oscillating valve cir clip. How do you get cir clip in position inside valve. Does the valve slide? My old girl is in the 400,000 series. Acquired her last year, finally getting around to
refurbishing her. She still goes, but how so got me beat – […]

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Front Loader Not Lifting And PTO Clutch Setting, Massey Ferguson 35


Found the web site very useful some very good information here, but I can’t find the answer to my particular problem.

I have a MF35 fitted with a mill bucket front loader that we inherited with our small holding. I would like to ask two questions if I may;

The first is regarding the mill bucket, if […]

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