How To Change Hydraulic Oil, Ferguson FE35

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Hi there,

I have contacted you in the past and your information was very helpful. I am having a problem with water in the oil and don’t know how to get it out of the hydraulics can you give me any ideas.


Brenton Bain

Hi Brenton,

Is it milky?

You will have to let the oil […]

By |February 18th, 2009|Hydraulics, MF35 FE35 TO35|35 Comments

Slow PTO, Massey Ferguson 35X


I’ve got a MF35X which I have been using to “top” the reeds with a small topper. Unfortunately, the PTO has been slowing and even coming to a stop when under load, and the lifting hydraulics have failed several times when trying to lift the topper. Both functions appear to return once the load is […]

By |January 15th, 2009|Hydraulics, MF35 FE35 TO35|8 Comments

Shaking Hydraulics, Massey Ferguson 165

A common problem with the hydraulic lift on the Massey Ferguson 165 is when the lift arms begin to judder. Common symptoms are the need for high engine revs to get the tractor to lift and the normally smooth action of the lift arms becomes a shake or judder. This shaking occurs both when the […]

By |January 15th, 2009|Ferguson / MF, Hydraulics|23 Comments

MF35 Hydraulic Lift Not Working Properly


I am having a problem with a Massey 35 4cyl. When I bought it I was told that the Hydraulic pump had been totally reconditioned, however the lift didnt work. I removed the lift cover and found that the hydraulic cylinder was cracked. I replaced it and the piston. I started the tractor with the […]

By |January 15th, 2009|Hydraulics, MF35 FE35 TO35|5 Comments

Massey Ferguson 550 Exterior Hydraulic Valve

I recently bought a Massey 550 and noticed while sitting on the seat a lever to the left towards the floor with the words ext 1 and ext 2 on it.

The lever is in

between these to settings. Could you please shine any light on what this lever is for?

Also would it be hard to add […]

By |January 15th, 2009|Ferguson / MF, Hydraulics|7 Comments

Massey Ferguson 165, Ebro 157 Hydraulics Problem.


I have a Massey Ferguson Ebro 157, which is a spanish built equivalent to the MF165. The hydraulic lift has just stopped working but when engaged with the control lever it makes a nasty knocking sound somewhere under the lift cover as if the pump drive gear is not engaging. Do you have any ideas […]

By |January 15th, 2009|Hydraulics, MF 100 Series|4 Comments

Massey Ferguson 35 Hydraulics Won’t Lift

I have an mf 35 and just recently the lift will pick up and work for about 45 mi’s then it goes down and won’t work again until it cools off.

Any ideas on what the problem might be? Your help would be greatly appreciated.



Obviosusly it is some kind of leak or inefficiency in […]

By |January 14th, 2009|Hydraulics, MF35 FE35 TO35|18 Comments

Ford 4000 Spool Valve Oil Return


I have a ford 4000 diesel, and I want to fit a front blade which has a push pull ram fitted, the tractor has an external hydraulic connection point which operates thru the spool valve fitted from factory, but as I wish to operate a double ram there is no where for the oil to […]

By |January 14th, 2009|Ford/Fordson, Hydraulics|1 Comment