Tractor Link Arms Will Not Lower

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Your link arms will not lower.  It’s a frustrating problem.

We commonly associate hydraulic problems with poor pump performance and reduced or slow lift capacity.  However, we get quite a number of people reporting that their link arms won’t lower.

We’ve had an email from the owner of a Massey Ferguson 35 who has this problem, so […]

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CAD Drawing, Bracket For Hydraulic Top Cover Removal, MF35

Removing the hydraulic top cover on the MF35 (or any other tractor) is not an easy task, as the cover is quite heavy.  To help facilitate this Vintage Tractor Engineer has drawn a to scale sketch and added phtotos.



A number of people have used the drawings to manufacture their own bracket which has made the […]

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Massey Ferguson 65 Hydraulic Oil Grade

Here at VTE we often get questions from people as they go about their restorations.  Here’s one that has come in from Matthew…



I’m in the middle of overhauling the hydraulics system on my MF65, using the fantastic DVD by Ian.

I’ve also got hold of a copy of the original MF workshop manual for […]

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MF35 Hydraulic Oil Replacement

Andrew asks…


Having completed a full strip down and rebuild of the engine according to the dvd I have now bought the Hydraulics dvd and am about to start looking at that end of the tractor.

I noticed that Ian mentions using multigrade oil in the gearbox/hydraulics. Having Googled this and looking at a few forums […]

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Setting Lever Springs For MF35 Hydraulics

Making the settings on the lever springs for the Massey Ferguson 35 hydraulic system is quite a fiddly job, and the method is shown in detail on the MF35 Hydraulics DVD.  However, we just thought that a written description of the process may also help.

So here it is…

Loosen retainer nut and eccentric cam.
Make sure quadrant […]

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Ferguson TE 20 Hydraulics Tutorial Preview Video

We launched the  TE20 Hydraulics DVD last month and it’s already been sent all over the world to Ferguson tactor owners in…

Norway, Republic of Ireland, United States, England, Scotland, Netherlands, Northern Ireland, Wales, Isle of Man, Germany, Australia and Denmark.
Preview Video
Now things have settled down a little and Vintage Tractor Engineer has found a moment, […]

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Ferguson T20 Hydraulics Won’t Lift

Patrick has picked up a copy of the TE 20 Hydraulics Tutorial and used the DVD to take a look inside his tractor and examine the system.

The TE20 in question will only lift a small weight on the rear linkage, and then only when the engine is running at high revs.  Patrick has inspected the […]

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TE 20 Hydraulics – Making Of The DVD

We have now completed filming the Hydraulics DVD for the TE 20 tractor range.  Everything went pretty much to plan with the filming, although the sheep in the nearby field didn’t seem to underatand we needed them to keep quite when we were recording the audio.  Some of the scenes needed several ‘takes’ to capture […]

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