Ki-gas Repair Kits

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The Ki-gas systems to aid cold starting was fitted to the TEF20 and many other vintage tractors.

The system consists of a small header tank situated to the rear of the main fuel tank which feeds the Ki-gas pump through a small pipe.  Between the pipe and the pump is a small body which holds a […]

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Ferguson TE 20 Hydraulics Tutorial Preview Video

We launched the  TE20 Hydraulics DVD last month and it’s already been sent all over the world to Ferguson tactor owners in…

Norway, Republic of Ireland, United States, England, Scotland, Netherlands, Northern Ireland, Wales, Isle of Man, Germany, Australia and Denmark.
Preview Video
Now things have settled down a little and Vintage Tractor Engineer has found a moment, […]

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TE 20 Hydraulics – Making Of The DVD

We have now completed filming the Hydraulics DVD for the TE 20 tractor range.  Everything went pretty much to plan with the filming, although the sheep in the nearby field didn’t seem to underatand we needed them to keep quite when we were recording the audio.  Some of the scenes needed several ‘takes’ to capture […]

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TE 20 Condensation In Hydraulic Oil

Just a couple of photos from the first day of filming we did for the Ferguson TE 20 Hydraulics DVD.  In this shot the lighting and camera were focused on the work bench as we dismantled the pump.

Now take a look at the colour of the transmission oil that came out.

The oil clearly hadn’t been […]

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TEF 20 Engine Not Repaired

Well it’s nearly 18 months since we bought a TEF 20 with a seized engine.  As soon as we got the tractor home we were eager to get started with stripping the engine and finding out where the problem was.  But the TEF is still sat in the corner of the shed, so why is […]

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TEF 20 Condition

The grey Ferguson TEF 20 we have just bought is in fair condition.  The wing skins have been replaced so there is no rot on them, the only thing is they have flexed slightly when they have been tightened down to the brackets which has slightly cracked the paintwork.  The bonnett has had some filler […]

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Ferguson TEF 20 For Restoration

We have just purchased a ‘new’ Ferguson TEF 20 tractor, in need of restoration.  The first job is to rebuild the engine.

The serial number is 509,339 so that dates it at 1956, and means it was one of the latter tractors to be produced (total production was 517,651).  The agent’s plate is difficult to read, […]

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