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Massey Ferguson 135 Serial Numbers


Massey Ferguson 135 serial numbers.

Year    Serial Numbers

1965    101-30282

1966 30283-67596

1967 67597-93304

1968 93305-117428

1969 117429-141425

1970 141426-162114

1971 162115-179501

1971 400001-403517

1972 403518-419582

1973 419583-432708

1974 432709-445601

1975 445602-457865

1976 457866-469334

1977 469335-479191

1978 479192-487349

1979 487350-490714

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15 Responses to “Massey Ferguson 135 Serial Numbers”

  1. I have MF148 sertial no 603199 M
    Could you tell me where and when it was built
    Regards mike

    • Mike
  2. Mike,

    Try this site for some info…


    …there is a bit of info there. It may be worth emailing the webmaster, as he may be able to answer your questions.


    • Vintage Tractor Engineer
  3. Hello there,

    I have just bought a Massey Ferguson 135 for restoring and i’m trying to find out the age for curiosity and to help me for ordering parts. I’ve looked at various web sites and i’ve came across this one and others. This website serial numbers match mine but on some other sites, i’ve noticed that the serial numbers start like (09A_______) or something like that which are longer and come up with the year.

    I believe my serial number is stamped on the cowel left hand side underneith the steering wheel which says 5820 with all the patents.

    If you could please help me to explain the differences it would be much appreciated!



    • James Robertson
  4. Hello VTE ,
    I have been trying for months (pre xmas 09) to work out year of my mf135 . Yes I have looked at all the sites ,even went through Every page in th archives on tractor forum .
    Actually , I found the mf135 to have the Most enquiries about serial numbers . I am in Australia , the number I have on my plate is – 7T3X475965 . It is stamped on the plate , I have checked with other mf135 owners around my area , they also have 7T3X efore the last numbers , is this an Australian number . My tea20 has an ordinary number & is varified , but I can’t work my mf135 number out .
    Much & many thanks for your kind assistance .
    Patrick Richardson.

    • Patrick Richardson
  5. Hi VTE
    I’m in Australia and have just bought a restored MF 135, and the Serial Number is F20530. It looks to me like it might be made in 1965, from your information. Does the F mean anything, like place of manufacture?

    Many thanks

    • David Hall
  6. hi,can you tell me the details of massey ferguson 135 tractor with serial no 171948.it is made in england and sent to india.please give the details.

  7. Hi
    I have just bought a MF135 with a serial number FG24196, which was registered 1966 in Finland but obviously built in 1965. May teh letter in front of the serial number has something to do with the country?

    • Ragnvald
  8. I have recently purchased a Massey Ferguson that has sat up for years. I have not been able to locate what model I have so that I can purchase parts. Could anyone help, please. thanks

    • A Powell
  9. I have a massey ferguson 135 diesel engine w/ a serial number 9A147342. can you tell me what year it was built and what it is worth.

    • Frank Varble
  10. hi,I have a massey ferguson 135 engine no 2386375 is there any way i can obtain the serial no for above tractor.thanks

    • R.B.Stocks
  11. I have a Massie Harris Ferguson made in Coventry by the Standard Motor Company serial number TED433456 supplied by Walter A Wood. Anyone have any idea what year it might be and who might be able to restore it at reasonable cost?

    • P Smith
  12. Hello. I purchased what I believe is a 1965 Massey Ferguson 135UK model with Multi-Power. However, I’m not 100% sure if all the sheet metal that’s on the tractor is original. I say this because the rust color is different on the hood then it is on the front nose clip and the steering section.

    There is a data tag and it has a serial number of FG-21311 on it. Being I have no idea what the FG represents, I’m basing my guess off of the 21311 which will put it as a 1965. I have found a few tractors on the Internet that look like mine, with the mesh grill and no headlights, but I can’t find any info that pertains to them.

    If any one can help me out, I would be very thankful.

    • Richard
  13. I have a Massey Ferguson 125 with a Continental gas engine. Serial # is SGW641019890. Can you tell me what year it was made?

    • Nancy
  14. Hi, did you find out any further information about your mf 135 serial number, I have found our serial number as
    FG43278 as written on original purchase invoice but cannot find it stamped on the tractor anywhere.



  15. I just learned that my MF TO 20, Serial Number 65508 was built in 1966. How can I tell which carberator to order?

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