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Hello Steve,
How would I go about putting new bushes and thrust bearings in the spindles on my FE 35 Grey/Gold?


Hi Richard,

Jack up the tractor and put it on stands to make it safe. Front wheels off.
Bolt completely out of arm on top of steering spindles (that connects the long drag link). Next tap the steering link upwards over the top of the spindles. Then remove the woodruff key. The spindles will then slide out of the bottom of the axle support.

The bushes can be tapped out by using a long drift. After cleaning up the axle support, new bushes can be fitted in (do not hammer them in, but rather press or pull in using threaded bar and a big washer). Remove the thrust bearings from the spindles. Check the
spindles top and bottom for wear where the bushes run – the spindles can wear just as much as the bushes. Replace the spindles if necessary. The bushes normally require reaming using an adjustable reamer after fitting.

Check the operation of the grease nipple before lubricating and refitting the spindles. When refitting the top stearing arm, tap it down until end float on the spindle is removed.

Only specialist tool is the adjustable reamer.

Hope that helps.


Steve (VTE)