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Ken Taylor wrote:

I have a leak from the front end of my 1975 Massey Ferguson 165. It appears to be from behind the radiator fan. Is this a front end oil seal on the cam end?

How difficult is this to replace and has any one done one who could talk/walk me through doing this. Are there seal kits available if so from where.


Hi Ken,

It could be one of two things. Either crankshaft pulley seal, or more likely the tacho-angle drive which is fastened to the front of the timing cover – these fail regularly.
The angle drive is quite easy to change.

If it’s the crankshaft seal you will need to remove the front casting – you can remove this with the wheels/axle still attached (you must put wedges in the axle to prevent it from rocking sideways and falling over). There are 3 bolts at each side between the casting and the engine and obviously you need to jack under the engine to take the weight – to spread the weight I would suggest a large piece of wood min 2? thick to spread the load across the sump.

Next you can undo the central bolt and remove the pulley by giving your wrench a sharp tap with a hammer. The seal can be changed without removing the timing cover, but it is sometimes easier to remove the cover.

When you put the new seal in there is no depth stop to install it to, therefore you must ensure that it does not go in deeper at one side than the other. If the sealing surface on the pulley is scored, then install the new seal either 1mm shallower or 1mm deeper than where the original
seal was positioned.

Your local MF agent should be able to supply the seal.

Hope that is some help.