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Per owns a red and grey FE35 and uses it around his holding in Canada, you can see some good information on his website.  Per has been watching our Hydraulics DVD and asks this question…

Hi Steve & Ian,
Looking at your hydraulics DVD I notice that, when installing the transfer pipe, Ian puts a strange looking white plastic washer under the O-ring of the stand pipe. I’ve never encountered this washer  before and wonder why Ian uses it.

Both your DVDs are absolutely wonderful and I never fail to recommend them to anyone who reads my webpage.


Hi Per,

The washer is the original fitting. It is called the ‘backup washer’, made from nylon and in a spiral shape it goes in the o’ring groove behind the o’ring. Its function is to provide a soft edge for the o’ring to press against, rather than the o’ring pressing against the hard sharp edge of the metal stand pipe.

Thanks for the DVD recommendations you give. I also point people towards your site so they can read your information.