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Vintage Tractor Engineer always likes to hear from MF35 owners from across the world who kindly send in photographs of their tractors, especially when we get the serial number.  This helps build a catalogue of tractors that we can use to compare against our own machines – particulary helpfull when trying to do an authentic restoration.

Richard has sent in these photos of his tractor, along with a few details.

Further relevant information is available on decals and badges or a more general article on the MF35 tractor.

Here are a few photos of my MF35.I bought it about 2 years ago to use on my Hobby farm.It’s had a busy life but it is generaly in original condition.The decals are starting to come off and the front badge is gone,however you can still tell the type of decal used on the hood.The plow light appears to be original as well.I hope some of thes images are usfull to somone doing a restoration.The data plate calls it a FE35(Ferguson England)The serial # is SNM 249005.Acording to the info I have this translates to (S)Normal width(N)Perkins Diesel A3.152(M)Dual Clutch.Built in 1961….

MF35 Diesel
MF35 decal sticker
MF35 tractometer
MF35 ploughing light
MF35 tractor with loader
MF35 identification plate
MF35 tractometer