Ring Gaps, MF35 23C Engine

The ring gaps are an important thing to look at when assessing an engine for serviceability.  Excessive ring gaps will cause reduced compression, impair starting and running performances.
What is the ring gap?
The ring gap is the gap between the end of the rings.  This is measured with feeler gauges.
Tractor and engine manufacturers will provide tools […]

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Enlarging Pre-Combustion Chamber Aids Starting, Standard 23C Engine

We have written before about the benefits of enlarging the entrance to the pre-combustion chamber on the Standard 23C engine as fitted to the Ferguson FE35 tractor.

One of our fellow FE35 owners (Neil) had completed a full rebuild of his engine but the starting performance was disappointing.  Neil ordered Vintage Tractor Engineers’s DVD so see […]

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Massey Ferguson TO35 With Low Oil Pressure

We’ve had this question from Tyler who has recently fully rebuilt his 23C engine out of a Massey Ferguson TO35. It looks as though Tyler has looked into most of the potential causes, but is there anywhere else he should look?

Dear Vintage Tractor Engineer,

I want to start by saying your 23C rebuild dvd is […]

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FE35 Tractor Standard 23C, Enlarging Entrance to Pre-Combustion Chamber

It is generally thought that the Standard Motor Company and Ricardo Engineering limited the success of the Standard 23C engine due to the design and dimensions of the entrance to the pre-combustion chambers. This single design element is often blamed for the poor starting performance of these engines.

Many engineers recommend the enlargement of this […]

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Standard 23C Engines (boat)

Paul has twin Standard 23C engines in the boat he is restoring.  Here is what Paul says about ‘Betsie Jane’, how he overcame some problems and how things are progressing…
Hi Steve,
I’ve finally fitted the 23cs to my boat and both engines fired up first

Fantastic I’m really chuffed.

My background is in carpentry, although I now teach […]

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Fuel In Oil, Massey Ferguson 575

The oil level on this Massey Ferguson 575 suddenly rose up the dipstick.

The oil hadn’t gone the milky/creamy colour consistent with water getting into the oil, but had become ‘thinner’ and had a slight smell of diesel.  Clearly diesel was entering the oil, but where was it coming from?

In this case the fuel lift pump […]

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Timing Massey Ferguson 35, 23C Without Removing Engine From Transmission

We’ve had an email from a 4 cylinder 23C, Engine Rebuild DVD customer who is having a few problems with the timing procedure for the engine.  The DVD shows how to time the engine when it has been split from the clutch housing, but Henrik wanted to know if it were possible to determine Top […]

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Massey Ferguson 35, Manifold Primer Pump

We have been asked where to find a manifold primer pump for a 1959 Massey Ferguson 35.  The pump is no longer pumping fuel.

Unfortunately we can’t make any suggestions as to where to source this part, but it is probably just a seal which needs replacement and so would suggest stripping down the pump.   It […]

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