Finding Top Dead Centre Of Tractor Engine

Paul has been having trouble getting a pin into the flywheel of his tractor engine to locate 16 deg before top dead centre (TDC)…..
I’m currently working on a couple of 23c and trying to find the hole in the flywheel. I have, as per dvd, put a 1/4 in bar in the hole in the […]

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Massey Ferguson 165 Cylinder Head Gasket Leaking

Dear Sirs – I have a M/f 165 with an A4 212 Perkins engine – cylinder head gasket leaking causing pressure in cooling system & also oil in the water. Stripped down top of engine – had head pressure tested & checked for trueness – both ok – did the valves & all injectors […]

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Fitting Fordson Dexta Cylinder Liners

I’m rebuilding my Fordson Dexta engine (diesel) and need some info on the cylinder liners. I’ve just removed 3 seized pistons and pressed out the cylinder liners. The question is should I use high temp loctite 620 on the new liners when pressing them in. The older liners presumably didnt use it and are a […]

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Standard 23C Piston Protrusion Height And TDC For Injection


I wandered if you could help me. I am lookinf for the piston protrusion height for a Standard 23C engine fitted to my Ferguson FE35 tractor. Also, do you know how many degrees before top dead centre before start of injection.

Many thanks, Jeffrey Samuelsen.

Hi Jeffrey,

Afraid we haven’t got a figure for the piston […]

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MF35 Perkins 3A-152 Fuel System

Diagram of the fuel system and components for Perkins 3A-152 engine as fitted to the Massey Ferguson 35 tractor.  This is all covered in detail in the 3A.152 DVD.





(Click to enlarge)

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Ferguson FE35 Vaporising Oil, Correct Thermostat?

I have a FE35 and am busy redoing the motor as it was spewing oil. Its a Vaporising oil motor, at least I think so because the carb has a 1578 stamped on it. Is there any other way of identifying the actual motor? I also see the only difference would be the S.R. Jet […]

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How Much Will It Cost To Rebuild My Tractor Engine

One of our customers who purchased an Engine Rebuild DVD was interested to know how much it would cost for the engine kit and to have the specialist work done at the engineers before he started – so here’s the answer.

Hi there,

Just watched your MF35 23C engine rebuild DVD (very, very good) . Id […]

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Ferguson TO35 23C Liner Replacement

One of our readers (Don) has sent in some info about his 1958 TO35. Don’s father bought the tractor back in 1964 and in 1978 (11,000 hours) the engine was pulled down for a rebuild. The crankshaft and bearings were all still good after these engine hours, but one of the liners was broken and […]

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