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If there’s one model of tractor that’s written most about on the internet it is probably the Ferguson TE 20.  That’s not really surprising in itself, as there were well over 500,000 tractors manufactured between 1946 and 1956.

Vintage Tractor Engineer has decided to take a minute to put some of these resources on this page […]

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TEF20 Hydraulics Oscillating Drive Strip

Having problems with oscillating valve cir clip. How do you get cir clip in position inside valve. Does the valve slide? My old girl is in the 400,000 series. Acquired her last year, finally getting around to
refurbishing her. She still goes, but how so got me beat – […]

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Ferguson TE20 Tractor Differences

This information is for the Ferguson TEF20 tractors, and identifies any changes that have occured during the production of the tractors. This list can help identify the serial number of your tractor if the identification plate is missing. This information below is an extract from the Wallaces website.  Unfortunately, the Wallaces Ferguson website does not […]

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Removing Footplates On TEF 20

This little Grey Fergie has had foot plates added, wheras originally it would have just had the foot pegs. The foot plates make it much easier to get onto the seat, are more comfortabe when driving the tractor and (in conjunction with the added side plates) make for better safety. The wings have been drilled […]

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TEF 20 Condition

The grey Ferguson TEF 20 we have just bought is in fair condition.  The wing skins have been replaced so there is no rot on them, the only thing is they have flexed slightly when they have been tightened down to the brackets which has slightly cracked the paintwork.  The bonnett has had some filler […]

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Ferguson TEF 20 For Restoration

We have just purchased a ‘new’ Ferguson TEF 20 tractor, in need of restoration.  The first job is to rebuild the engine.

The serial number is 509,339 so that dates it at 1956, and means it was one of the latter tractors to be produced (total production was 517,651).  The agent’s plate is difficult to read, […]

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TEA 20 Cylinder Not Firing

I wonder if you can help? I have just refurbished a Ferguson TEA 20. It ran well before and after but alas on the christmas road run no 3 cylinder went dead.I have replaced plugs,points condesor,coil, there is no water in oil no oil in water, but have noticed that after cleaning plug, will often […]

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Oil In Starter Motor Of TE20

I was very impressed by your web site, I hope you may be able to help.  

I have just bought a little grey who’s owner told that it had always been kept inside – he owned it, his father before him ect ect, he told me that he had a minor problem with the starter motor.I […]

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