Setting Clutch On 3 Cylinder MF35

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First of all thanks for your great 4 cylinder engine rebuild dvd, although I have the 3 cylinder version, it is still a great help!

I have just finished rebuilding the main part of the engine and am at the

stage of putting on the dual clutch, but am having problems working out the correct spacers required […]

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Massey Ferguson 35

The production of Ferguson TE20 and TO20 tractors spanned a decade, from 1946 to 1956.  In tota 517,651 TE20’s were manufactured and 140,000 TO20’s.  These tractor were certainly the most successful tractor range ever built and revolutionised farming in the post war years.  In fact the TE20 was the first tractor to be used on […]

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Stolen Ferguson FE35 Tractor

Paul has just had his grey and gold FE35 tractor stolen between the 6th and
7th of May 2010.  This isn’t the first theft that Vintage Tractor Engineer has heard about recently.  Not only are people stealing our tractors, but they are even removing bonnets and other parts and stealing them.  If anyone has any […]

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MF35 Stand Pipe Backup Washer

Per owns a red and grey FE35 and uses it around his holding in Canada, you can see some good information on his website.  Per has been watching our Hydraulics DVD and asks this question…
Hi Steve & Ian,
Looking at your hydraulics DVD I notice that, when installing the transfer pipe, Ian puts a strange […]

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FE35 Tractor Standard 23C, Enlarging Entrance to Pre-Combustion Chamber

It is generally thought that the Standard Motor Company and Ricardo Engineering limited the success of the Standard 23C engine due to the design and dimensions of the entrance to the pre-combustion chambers. This single design element is often blamed for the poor starting performance of these engines.

Many engineers recommend the enlargement of this […]

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Standard 23C Engines (boat)

Paul has twin Standard 23C engines in the boat he is restoring.  Here is what Paul says about ‘Betsie Jane’, how he overcame some problems and how things are progressing…
Hi Steve,
I’ve finally fitted the 23cs to my boat and both engines fired up first

Fantastic I’m really chuffed.

My background is in carpentry, although I now teach […]

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Perkins A3.152 Engine Data Specifications And Torques

Here are the data, specifications, dimensions, tolerances and the main tightening torque settings for the 3 cylinder Perkins A3.152 engine as fitted to the Massey Ferguson 35 tractor.

These specifications accompany our MF35 (3 cylinder Perkins) Engine Rebuild DVD, which you may find useful if you’re working on one of these engines.

Data Specifications

Cylinders 3
Bore 3.6” (91.44mm)
Stroke […]

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Richard’s 4 Cylinder Massey Ferguson 35 Engine Rebuilt

We have had an email from Richard, who had previously bought the MF35 Engine Rebuild DVD.  Richard has sent in a video of the engine starting after the rebuild.  Vintage Tractor Engineer has also spotted the Ferguson plough in the foreground of the video.

Richard went on to tell us a bit about the rebuild of […]

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