German “Gold Belly” Restored To “as new” Condition

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One thing Vintage Tractor Engineer has learnt over the past few years is that tractor enthusiasts in northern Europe are crazy about the gold/grey FE35’s…


Two and a half years ago logistics manager Gunter Birth started the beginning of a busy relationship with a tractor. The machine that chugged now and then through his village was […]

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Perkins 3A.152 Data And Tightening Torques

There are just a few data specifications which are useful for the 3 cylinder Perkins engine.  These accompany our Rebuild DVD for this engine.



Tappet Setting (cold) 0.012″ (.305mm)

Operating Oil Pressure 25-30 p.s.i. or more at normal speeds

Relif Valve Setting 50-65 p.s.i.

Backlash in Timing Gears 0.003″ / 0.006″ (0.0762 – 0.1524 mm)

Injector Pressure Setting 120 Atmospheres

Fuel […]

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Restored FE35 4 Cylinder Starting In Cold Weather

We often get emails and photos from customers who have restored their tractors (and it’s great to see how people have got on).

Andrew (who incidently has a quaint little holliday cottage in Whitby) has sent us a video of his grey and red FE35 starting up from cold in winter time…

Andrew thought the video may […]

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MF35 Hydraulic Oil Replacement

Andrew asks…


Having completed a full strip down and rebuild of the engine according to the dvd I have now bought the Hydraulics dvd and am about to start looking at that end of the tractor.

I noticed that Ian mentions using multigrade oil in the gearbox/hydraulics. Having Googled this and looking at a few forums […]

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Setting Lever Springs For MF35 Hydraulics

Making the settings on the lever springs for the Massey Ferguson 35 hydraulic system is quite a fiddly job, and the method is shown in detail on the MF35 Hydraulics DVD.  However, we just thought that a written description of the process may also help.

So here it is…

Loosen retainer nut and eccentric cam.
Make sure quadrant […]

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Ferguson FE35, Ferguson Badge On Front, Ferguson Sticker On Side

This tractor belongs to Jeff in Canada.  Jeff wants to know what exactly he has? Ferguson or a Massey Ferguson?

Read what Jeff says about his tractor and take a look at the photos…

I have a Ferguson / Massey ferguson 35. I dont know the year and I have been trying to figure out if […]

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MF35 Hedgerow Tractor

A few days ago we wrote about ‘hedgerow’ tractors and included a few photos of Grey Fergies (oh, and also it was pointed out by Hauker from Iceland, a Ford 8N).

The response from everyone was quite overwhelming and we received lots of emails about tractors you’d rescued and restored.  Including this photo from Mike, up […]

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Enlarging Pre-Combustion Chamber Aids Starting, Standard 23C Engine

We have written before about the benefits of enlarging the entrance to the pre-combustion chamber on the Standard 23C engine as fitted to the Ferguson FE35 tractor.

One of our fellow FE35 owners (Neil) had completed a full rebuild of his engine but the starting performance was disappointing.  Neil ordered Vintage Tractor Engineers’s DVD so see […]

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