MF35 FE35 TO35

//MF35 FE35 TO35

Ferguson FE35 Restoration

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Philip has kindly sent in some photos and video of his Ferguson FE35 Goldbelly restoration.

The tractor was originally purchased new by his father in 1957 and like many dissused tractors was abandoned under a hedgerow for about 20 years.  Philip rescued it and has recently been undertaking a full strip-down and restoration.

The first photo shows […]

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Improved Bracket – Hydraulic Top Cover Removal

Here at VTE we already have a simple bracket design for helping to remove the hydraulic top cover for the MF35 (the same principle would apply for many other models as well).

The top cover is a heavy component and the bracket is designed so that the cover can be removed and inverted for servicing by […]

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Tractor Link Arms Will Not Lower

Your link arms will not lower.  It’s a frustrating problem.

We commonly associate hydraulic problems with poor pump performance and reduced or slow lift capacity.  However, we get quite a number of people reporting that their link arms won’t lower.

We’ve had an email from the owner of a Massey Ferguson 35 who has this problem, so […]

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23C Fuel Injection Pump, Aligning The Circlip

The Question
We’ve had a query about aligning the letter G against the circlip mark when timing the fuel injection pump on the 23C engine.  Bob has followed the 23C Engine Rebuild DVD and notes that on the DVD it shows the circlip mark on the lower side of the clip gap.  However, Bob’s tractor has […]

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23C Air Cleaner Oil Level

We sometimes like to re-visit previous topics.  This is a discussion from the forum about the oil bath air cleaner oil level.  VTE has a few bits of information to add at the end of this article…



I have never been very clear as to how much oil should be put in the oil container […]

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Clutch Squeal

Tom has recently refurbished the engine on his 3 cylinder MF35.  However, after replacing the clutch assembly with a new one he has experienced a squeal.  This is what Tom said…
‘ The clutch is producing a quiet but definite squeal when the clutch pedal is depressed. I set the two-stage pto adjuster nuts as per […]

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Photos Of Dash

Michael has a 1962 MF35, but unfortunately all the plates and badges have been removed from the dashboard at some point in the tractor’s life.  We already have some photos of the decals for various different tractors (a 1962 tractor, MF35 Decals and Badges, Dave’s tractor, Jeff’s tractor, external link to Per’s tractor), but we […]

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CAD Drawing, Bracket For Hydraulic Top Cover Removal, MF35

Removing the hydraulic top cover on the MF35 (or any other tractor) is not an easy task, as the cover is quite heavy.  To help facilitate this Vintage Tractor Engineer has drawn a to scale sketch and added phtotos.



A number of people have used the drawings to manufacture their own bracket which has made the […]

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