MF35 FE35 TO35

//MF35 FE35 TO35

MF35, Perkins 3A.152, Strip-Down

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The 3 cylinder Engine Rebuild DVD is now available, but Vintage Tractor Engineer thought it would be good to upload a few snap-shots from the project.  These ones are from the engine strip-down and assessment on disc 1.  Photos from disc 2 includes work done at the engineers and the rebuild process.

We always knew from […]

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Video Of Rob’s 23C Engine Running After Rebuild

Rob has kindly sent in this video of his tractor running for the first time after doing a rebuild on the engine.  Here is what Rob had to say.
Hi Steve/Ian

I would just like to say a big thank you for making the 23c rebuild dvd. I went out on tuesday nice warm day bled the […]

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Perkins A3.152 Engine Rebuild Trailer, Part 1

People keep asking us when we are going to make a DVD for the Perkins A3.152 engine. We promised it a long time ago, and now we’ve actually got started on the project. The first stage of filming is complete and so here’s a quick two minute taster of why this engine was […]

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Restored FE35 4 Cylinder Starting In Cold Weather

We often get emails and photos from customers who have restored their tractors (and it’s great to see how people have got on).

Andrew (who incidently has a quaint little holliday cottage in Whitby) has sent us a video of his grey and red FE35 starting up from cold in winter time…

Andrew thought the video may […]

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MF35 Hydraulic Oil Replacement

Andrew asks…


Having completed a full strip down and rebuild of the engine according to the dvd I have now bought the Hydraulics dvd and am about to start looking at that end of the tractor.

I noticed that Ian mentions using multigrade oil in the gearbox/hydraulics. Having Googled this and looking at a few forums […]

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1962 MF35 Photos

Vintage Tractor Engineer always likes to hear from MF35 owners from across the world who kindly send in photographs of their tractors, especially when we get the serial number.  This helps build a catalogue of tractors that we can use to compare against our own machines – particulary helpfull when trying to do an authentic […]

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MF35 Overheating and Stalling

Lau from Denmark has done a complete engine rebuild of the 23C engine in his Massey Ferguson 35.  However, he is having some problems and has written in to see what could be the trouble.  He says…

I have followed the whole rebuild process acording to the fantastic DVD I bought (I also bought […]

How To Fit Core Plugs, MF35

In the UK we’ve had two consecutive cold winters and the frost has blown core plugs from some engines which haven’t either been drained of coolant or had sufficient antifreeze concentrations.  Owners who have had blown core plugs are lucky that this fail-safe has worked – they could have been dealing with a more serious […]

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