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Massey Ferguson 65 Hydraulic Oil Grade

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Here at VTE we often get questions from people as they go about their restorations.  Here’s one that has come in from Matthew…



I’m in the middle of overhauling the hydraulics system on my MF65, using the fantastic DVD by Ian.

I’ve also got hold of a copy of the original MF workshop manual for […]

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Perkins 3A.152 Data And Tightening Torques

There are just a few data specifications which are useful for the 3 cylinder Perkins engine.  These accompany our Rebuild DVD for this engine.



Tappet Setting (cold) 0.012″ (.305mm)

Operating Oil Pressure 25-30 p.s.i. or more at normal speeds

Relif Valve Setting 50-65 p.s.i.

Backlash in Timing Gears 0.003″ / 0.006″ (0.0762 – 0.1524 mm)

Injector Pressure Setting 120 Atmospheres

Fuel […]

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MF35, 3A.152, Rebuild Photos

We have already shown some snap-shots from the strip-down of this engine.  Today’s photos from the DVD (34 of them!!!) are from the rebuild process, including the visit to the engineers.  Here they are, enjoy…

I hope these snap-shots from the film go some way to showing the detail we have tried to cover in the […]

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MF35, Perkins 3A.152, Strip-Down

The 3 cylinder Engine Rebuild DVD is now available, but Vintage Tractor Engineer thought it would be good to upload a few snap-shots from the project.  These ones are from the engine strip-down and assessment on disc 1.  Photos from disc 2 includes work done at the engineers and the rebuild process.

We always knew from […]

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TE20 Towing Hitch

This photo of a tow hitch on a TE20 has been sent in by Jay.  Jay asks if  this is a ferguson part or has someone fabricated it? There is a large spring inside to absorb any jolts.  It looks home/workshop fabricated, but somebody may know differently.  There’s also an issue with a seized pin.

As […]

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Video Of Rob’s 23C Engine Running After Rebuild

Rob has kindly sent in this video of his tractor running for the first time after doing a rebuild on the engine.  Here is what Rob had to say.
Hi Steve/Ian

I would just like to say a big thank you for making the 23c rebuild dvd. I went out on tuesday nice warm day bled the […]

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Ferguson TE20 Fill-Up Data

We get a lot of people asking for the fluid capacities of these tractors, so here they are…

Engine Sump  6.8 litres

Air Cleaner  0.45 litres

Cooling System

TE-A/D20  8.5 litres

TE-H20  9.6 litres

TE-F20  8.5 litres

Transmission Casing  22.8 litres

Belt Pulley  0.28 litres

Fuel Tank

TE-A20  36 litres

TE-D/H20  31.5 litres and 4.5 litres

TE F20  31.85 litres, auxiliary 3.4 litres, Kigass 0.43 litres

Steering […]

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Perkins A3.152 Engine Rebuild Trailer, Part 1

People keep asking us when we are going to make a DVD for the Perkins A3.152 engine. We promised it a long time ago, and now we’ve actually got started on the project. The first stage of filming is complete and so here’s a quick two minute taster of why this engine was […]

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